Hygge  - Soul Mohair

Hygge - Soul Mohair

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Meet Soul Mohair! This lace-weight blend is made up of 72% Kid Mohair and 28% Silk.

459 yards / 50 g  

1ply yarn 



Please note that we do the best we can in capturing the true color or skeins, however colors may vary monitor to monitor. Photos shown are photographs of the exact skeins being sold, so please be sure that you would be happy with any of them.


Colors vary skein to skein, even if dyed in the same batch. If using more than one skein for a project, it is recommended to alternate skeins every 2-3 rows in order to blend.


All yarn is soaked after being dyed and rinsed until clear. It is not unusual for heavily saturated skeins to bleed slightly after the first few washes. If you are concerned about colors bleeding, please soak again prior to using.


If there are not enough skeins available for your project, please do not order what is available and wait for more to be dyed. I want your skeins to match the best they can! Contact me for a custom order and I will dye your batch together!